Help - FAQ's

Promotion packages are designed for the exclusive promotion of an event. They help out in reaching a large number of potential customers with your event through multiple channels like social media, app notifications, web notifications, messages, mailers, banner spaces on website, google adverts, etc.
Impressions are the number of times a person came across your event, which further leads to engagement. It happens through various promotional channels like social media, emails, messages, google adverts, youtube adverts, etc.
The number of impressions gives indicative turnout expectancy, however, they do not guarantee the number of people turning up at the venue for an event.
Our analysts will help you in identifying the bottlenecks of the event using data analysis, and provide you with valuable suggestions regarding the content, creative, offers, artist, etc. which can help in better performance of the event.
High credits are digital cash which you can use on HighApe portal for the promotion of the venue/event. You can use these credits for multiple purposes like buying banner space, sending mailers and messages, sending push notifications, etc.
Leads are the people who have shown active interest in your event and have already gone through half way of the payment process, but didn’t complete the transaction.
Remarketing is a technique used to reach out to the people who have already shown interest in your event/venue through multiple marketing channels. This increases the conversion rate by multiple folds.
You can recharge your High credits by notifying one of our executives, and they will guide you further on how to go about it.
Yes, the credits you earn through HighApe can be converted into cash, which can be withdrawn later.
You can download the entire booking list in .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) format by clicking on the ‘Export’ button before the commencement of the event. You can take a print out of the sheet and keep it at the entrance (if required) for cross referencing.
All the guests are required to show an e-ticket, sent to their email id while booking, at the entrance which carries the unique order id. In case the customer is not doing so, you can request the customer to produce the message or e-ticket on the phone. But the Order ID in the Mail/SMS should always be cross-referenced with the booking data available for the event on your dashboard before providing the entry.
With every booking made, you will be getting an email on the registered email id. You can also login at any point of time to track the total ticket sales. You can get an in depth analysis from the statistical data provided by HighApe in the form numbers, graphs and charts.
Yes, HighApe does provide you with the feature where you can communicate with your leads. Targeting leads can be beneficial as the conversion rate is high in this case.
With a very high Google crawl speed and an efficiently search engine optimized website, HighApe continually pushes the event towards the top in search results, providing valuable organic traffic through search results.
No, the subscription/package is not refundable under any circumstances.
No, all kinds of promotion/subscription charges are prepaid. The promotion/subscription can only be activated once the payment is cleared.
Yes, The Partners Dashboard can be used on all devices, but you may face some issues on some pages in devices with size less than 14 Inches. Some other use cases where you might face issues may include Downloading Guestslists, Creating Events etc. Therefore, in such cases we suggest you to use a laptop to access the dashboard. For remaining cases such as monitoring of sales, buying promotion packages etc., you can seamlessly use the dashboard across all devices.
You can mail us at [email protected] or reach out to us through a telephonic call on the following number - +91-8088887654, and we will be happy to help you.